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Your doctor needs as much information as possible to make accurate diagnoses and prescribe effective treatments. To help your physician create the best treatment plan for you, American Health Imaging provides a comprehensive range of imaging services, including traditional and specialized MRI, CT, Ultrasound and more. All of our procedures are performed with state-of-the-art imaging equipment and delivered in a comfortable, stress-free environment – not the hustle and bustle of a large hospital.

To address any concerns you may have regarding your next imaging procedure, we’ve put together a list of the most common questions we hear from new patients. If we haven’t addressed your question on this FAQ page, please contact us directly for assistance.

What to expect when you have a MRI

You will be asked to remove all jewelry, eyeglasses, hearing aide, dentures, credit/band cards, and any metallic objects. These may affect the quality of the images produced or cause harm or discomfort to you when placed within the magnetic field.

There will be no sensation, discomfort or pain associated with the exam. You will, however, hear a loud knocking/thumping noises from time to time. This is normal, and you may wear earplugs to muffle these noises.

What to expect when you have a CT

Computed Tomography, widely known as a CAT scan, is medically referred to as simply CT. In its early days of development and use, it was called Computerized Axial Tomography, hence the term CAT.

CT is generally a relatively quick procedure that uses x-ray beams to create computer-generated image of soft tissue structures, such as tumors and internal organs, and air cavities (sinuses, lungs). It also has advantages in skeletal and neurological imaging.

Making an Appointment

We strive to schedule your appointment at the best time possible for you. To that end, many of our imaging centers offer extended hours, including early mornings, evenings and weekends. In some cases, we can bring you in for a procedure on the same day you call.

If you’re unable to keep your appointment, please call the specific American Health Imaging location where you’re scheduled 24 hours before your designated arrival time so we may try to fill your appointment with someone on our waiting list.

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Hospitals often reschedule “low-risk” patients in response to emergency needs for imaging equipment. American Health Imaging doesn’t have an emergency department so your appointment is your time and someone with more urgent needs will not postpone, interrupt, or move your appointment to a different date.

Some procedures, particularly those involving sedatives or anesthesia, do require that another person drives you home. If your procedure requires a driver for safety purposes, you’ll be notified as soon as you make your appointment. To find out more about the specific requirements of your next imaging procedure, refer to our service pages.

American Health Imaging is certified through a 5-Step Safety Program to ensure we are protecting patients and staff. You can learn more about the different steps that we are taking by visiting our safety page.

Estimating Your Costs

Most insurance plans have some type of a deductible to meet before partial or full benefits apply to healthcare costs. To estimate your plan’s out of pocket cost for a diagnostic imaging exam, use our Benefits Checker Tool.

The Benefits Checker Tool provides an estimate of your out-of-pocket costs based on your health insurance benefits as they appear today, but that estimate is not a quote or guarantee of coverage. Costs are subject to changes based on your insurer’s fee schedule and the timing of existing claims. Depending upon your deductible, coinsurance and copay requirements, your actual out-of-pocket costs may vary, as well. For more information on insurance benefits, contact the American Health Imaging center nearest you.

Given high overhead required to operate hospitals and hospital-owned outpatient facilities, these businesses tend to charge high prices for imaging procedures to fund other departments within the operations. Fortunately, you have a choice in imaging providers. American Health Imaging offers the same high-quality imaging services for up to 75% less than hospital owned facilities.

Insurers don’t always cover imaging procedures – follow-ups, in particular – but paying out of pocket may not be as expensive as you think. At American Health Imaging, our prices are already significantly lower than hospitals’, and we offer competitive self-pay rates for patients with no insurance.

In almost every case, yes. Lower prices are a win-win for patients and insurers, and most insurers offer price comparisons of their own. In general, the roadblock to insurance coverage isn’t the location of the imaging procedure, but the type of procedure being ordered.

Medical Records

In most cases, your results will be available to your referring physician within 24-48 hours after your exam. If this window of time has passed, please contact your physician directly for more information about your results.

American Health Imaging sends your hardcopy images to your physician, when requested, who can provide them to you upon request. If you need an additional copy, there may be a nominal charge. If you’re working with a personal injury attorney, or if your referring physician has partnered with a specialist, please access our secure medical records request system.

We maintain all images and reports from your exams in accordance with state laws. In most states, these laws dictate a minimum of seven years.


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