Smart Solutions for Your Imaging Needs

When your doctor needs high-quality images of your back, knee or vital organs—such as your brain and liver—they may automatically refer you to the radiology department in the hospital where they practice. However, that is not your only option for outpatient imaging scans.

American Health Imaging offers a full scope of sophisticated radiology services that are typically less expensive than those offered at hospitals and hospital-owned outpatient facilities. You can also count on scheduling services on the same day or the day after your doctor orders a scan.

“If your doctor gives you an order form for an outpatient imaging service, do not be afraid to shop around for an option that best meets your needs,” says Sudhir Padhye, sales and marketing director at the location in Decatur, Georgia. “You have a choice about how you spend your healthcare dollars.”

When to Choose AHI

If you find yourself in the emergency room for a critical condition that needs immediate treatment, staying in the hospital for imaging services such as a CT (computed tomography) scan or an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) may be the best choice. However, if you need a scan for a condition such as kidney stones or low back pain, AHI is a great option to explore. Other services at AHI include Accelerated Breast MRI, FibroScans and digital X-rays.

“In the age of high-deductible insurance plans and astronomical imaging prices, AHI is a welcome alternative for many people,” Padhye says. “At AHI you can expect to save money on the quality scans you need.”

An Array of Options

Clinicians in need of information about your muscles, organs, and other soft tissues may order MRI imaging to make an accurate diagnosis. The images they will receive from AHI may be captured using our advanced Open MRI scanner, which can offer peace of mind for patients who do not like enclosed spaces.

A CT scan is a helpful tool to examine muscles, organs and tumors. If you have an abdominal injury, blood clot or fracture, your doctor may order a CT scan. AHI can typically complete this test in 15 to 30 minutes.

Other imaging options available through include arthrogram for orthopedic conditions, Accelerated Breast MRI, digital x-ray, FibroScanforliver biopsies, ultrasound and myelogram to investigate the back, spine and nervous system.

Visit our website to learn more or call (855) 674-2464 to schedule your imaging test.