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Welcome to American Health Imaging Fayetteville

Quality Care, Tailored to Your Needs

When you’re concerned about your health, every detail matters – and every day counts. At American Health Imaging, our promise to you is to deliver clear, accurate, and reliable results on a schedule that meets your needs and time constraints. With facilities conveniently located next to Piedmont Fayette Hospital off of Highway 54, and the ability to book same-day, evening, and weekend appointments, you and your doctor will soon have the information you need to make key decisions about your healthcare.
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A Safe, Comfortable Patient Experience

We invest in the latest imaging equipment because we put your comfort, safety and goals first. This advanced technology also means we can provide your doctor with clearer images, faster, allowing for sooner diagnosis and treatment. 


Our highly trained radiologists, technologists and patient care coordinators will walk you through your entire imaging appointment. We are also currently taking extra steps to ensure your safety and comfort:


  • You will check in on your phone from your car when you arrive for your appointment. A patient care coordinator will bring any necessary paperwork out to you. 
  • Our staff wears gloves and masks at all times. We will also use disinfectant wipes to open doors for and hand things to you, including any paperwork and insurance cards. 
  • All of our facilities are spacious enough to adhere to social distancing standards.  
  • The patient care coordinator will bring you inside when it is time for your appointment. A sanitized changing area, where you can store your items in a locker and change, if necessary, will be available to you.

Affordable, Accessible, and Worry-Free

Finally, given the financial concerns that often accompany health complications, we pledge to make your imaging as affordable as possible. Our exams cost up to 75% less than equivalent tests at hospitals, we accept most insurance plans, and we offer competitive self-pay rates.

At American Health Imaging, we know you have a choice in imaging providers. We hope to see you soon.

Services Offered

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a safe, pain-free imaging technique that combines magnets and radio waves to create detailed images of your body’s structures. While x-rays are typically used to view bones and joints, MRI is perfectly suited for organs, muscles and other soft tissues.

What to Expect During Your MRI

Typically lasting 30 to 60 minutes, MRI exams require very little preparation. Your technologist will simply ask you to remove jewelry, belts and other metal objects, and they will help you lie comfortably on a cushioned table. That table will then slide into the circular MRI machine, where you’ll remain for the duration of the exam. As the technologist collects images, they’ll be able to see, hear and speak to you, alleviating any concerns you may have.

Yearly mammograms are excellent for screening for breast cancer, but for women at high risk, many physicians also recommend yearly MRI. In women already diagnosed with breast cancer, MRI can also help to measure existing tumors and spot the growth of new ones.

Why MRI? A safe, painless imaging technique, MRI combines magnets and radio waves to create more detailed images of your body’s tissues. While x-rays allow for quick, convenient mammograms, MRI provides greater detail that helps physicians spot tiny tumors that a mammogram might miss.

Preparing for Your Breast MRI

Breast MRI is most effective the week following your period. You can tell us which times and locations work best with your schedule, and we’ll call you the week prior to your appointment to provide additional guidance. This guidance will include a discussion of existing medical conditions, what to do if you’re pregnant or nursing, and the best clothing to wear to your exam.

What to Expect During Your Breast MRI

During a breast MRI exam, you’ll be asked to wear a hospital gown and remove any jewelry and other metallic objects that could interfere with the machine’s magnets. You’ll lie on your stomach on a cushioned table, with your breasts naturally positioned in a cushioned opening, your head on a headrest, and your arms positioned above your head.

Once you’re in position, the table will slide into the circular MRI machine. During your 60- to 90-minute exam, your technologist will be able to hear, see and speak to you, alleviating any concerns you have may have.

Computed tomography (CT) uses a rotating series of x-rays to produce cross-sectional pictures of your body. These pictures appear as “slices” of a specific body part, and they show much more detail than traditional, flat x-rays.

Like MRI, CT is safe, painless and noninvasive. While MRI is most often used to examine muscles, organs and tumors, CT is generally applied to fractures, blood clots and abdominal injuries. In all cases, our skilled radiologists will consult with your doctor to determine which scan will deliver the most accurate and informative results.

What to Expect During Your CT Scan

Even faster than MRI, CT scans take just 15 to 30 minutes. You’ll set aside jewelry, belts and other metal objects, and depending upon the body part being scanned, you may be asked to remove your normal clothing and wear a hospital gown.

Some types of CT scans also require a contrast dye, which may be given as a flavorless drink or quick, painless injection. This dye appears bright white on your final images, helping doctors to differentiate between different types of tissue. If your CT scan does require a contrast dye, your doctor, radiologist or technologist may ask you to fast for a few hours before your exam.

Once you’re ready for the exam, you’ll simply lie on a cushioned table, which will slide your body into the circular CT machine. You’ll be able to communicate with your technologist throughout the exam, and they can help to alleviate any concerns you may have.

One of the safest, most tried-and-true imaging technologies, ultrasound uses sound waves to create images called sonograms. Ultrasound is widely used for observing fetal development in pregnant women, but it may also be used to detect problems in the liver, kidneys and other abdominal organs.

Because ultrasound doesn’t rely on radiation, it’s perfectly safe for both you and your baby. It’s also pain-free and noninvasive, and it doesn’t require the use of contrast dyes or other solutions or injections.

What to Expect During Your Ultrasound Exam

Quick, convenient and easy, ultrasound exams typically last 20 to 40 minutes. Your technologist will conduct the exam with a transducer, a small handheld device that looks like a wand. They’ll apply the transducer to the body part being examined, along with a gel that helps sound waves pass through your skin. Depending upon the nature of your exam, you may be able to see the images during your exam, on a screen connected to the ultrasound device.

Center Staff

The Fayetteville center is staffed by trained medical and service professionals.

Nikki Teopaco, Facility Administrator
Phone: (770) 716-9300
Email: nteopaco@ahicenters.com

Michael Lockett, Director of Sales and Marketing
Phone: (770) 716-9300
Email: mlockett@ahicenters.com

Patient Forms

We have printable patient medical forms available below for your convenience. Feel free to fill them out on your computer and bring them with you when you come for your appointment. This will facilitate your time and get you back to your day as quickly as possible.