The American Health Imaging Advantage

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At American Health Imaging, we’ve invested in the most up-to-date imaging equipment to enhance the patient experience and provide the highest quality diagnostic images. These same technologies also allow for greater patient comfort and faster exams, which means your referring physician will get the answers they need… quickly. When you’re dealing with an accident, injury or chronic disease, it’s reassuring to know the efficient workflow at American Health Imaging will have you in / out and results to your doctor a couple of days, not weeks!


  • State-of-the-art imaging equipment
  • Board-certified radiologists
  • Fully accredited by the ACR and IAC
  • Results available in 24 hours


  • 25 locations in the Southeast
  • Same-day and next-day appointments
  • Weekends and evenings available


  • Up to 75% less than hospitals
  • In-network preferred insurance provider
  • Competitive self-pay rate

State-of-the-art MRI Equipment

These machines boast the strongest magnet field strength available in today’s healthcare environment, offering patients the widest possible range of diagnostic services.

The high field strength MRI technology offers crystal-clear visualization and identification of brain tumors, epileptic foci and vascular disease. According to recent studies, the machine also even a 21% increase in the detection of multiple sclerosis lesions compared to standard-strength MRIs.

The high field strength MRI technology allows physicians to view cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bony structures in the fine level of detail necessary to diagnosis injuries and diseases in the arms, hands and fingers. Ultimately, this high resolution enables definitive diagnoses and more effective, lower risk orthopedic surgeries.

The high field strength MRI technology eliminates the need for breath-holding and offers the safety, speed and high throughput necessary for routine abdominal screenings. With its high field strength, the machine can capture the fine details necessary to identify small lesions in the intestines, breast and prostate, including peripheral vascular disease.

Stand-up MRI allows our patients to be scanned in the specific positions they experience their pain – not just lying down. It also allows all body parts to be imaged with the spine and joints in their natural weight-bearing positions. This open comfort is especially good for people who are super claustrophobic. Patients especially like the distraction of watching TV during their MRI exam at our Stand-up MRI center.

The dose reduction feature found in the CT at American Health Imaging automates the dose according to patient size, weight, and anatomy, providing high-quality images at minimally required dose.

Our new modern CT system design allows for excellent patient access and comfort. Abdomen scan can be completed with short breath-hold requirements yielding highly detailed images. The fast, minimally invasive vasculature evaluation of the head, neck, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, and extremities using CT Angiography for the quality radiologist are looking for in diagnostics and research.

State-of-the-Art Service

  • Physician portals allow you to schedule your exam before you leave your doctor’s appointment
  • Leverage our network of hundreds of specialized, board-certified radiologists
  • All AHI facilities are ARC- and IAC-accredited, ensuring the highest safety and quality standards

Cutting-edge Software

  • WARP metal artifact reduction is a revolutionary technology that allows patients with metal screws, plates and joint replacements to undergo safe, effective MRI exams.
  • BLADE motion reduction technology acts similarly to the image stabilizers on digital cameras. This software accounts for rhythmic motions, such as inhalation, exhalation and heartbeats, to produce more accurate images.
  • DTI (Diffusion Tensor Length) is an MRI-based neuroimaging technique that allows radiologists to estimate the location, orientation and anisotropy of the brain’s white matter. This technology makes it possible to diagnose traumatic brain injuries, identify vascular disease and detect brain tumors, multiple sclerosis and other lesions.
  • Susceptibility-weighted Imaging leverages an MRI machine’s powerful magnets to identify iron-rich areas of the brain, which often indicate cerebral hemorrhaging and other pathological conditions.
  • QUIET MRI provides greater patient comfort with up to 97% noise reduction during an exam.
  • Digital Subtraction CT Angiography is used to detect intracranial aneurysms and other cerebral vascular diseases.
  • Total Imaging Matrix (TIM) technology improves image quality and eliminates the need for patient repositioning and coil changes, reducing the average exam time from 55 to 45 minutes.
  • NeuroQuant® software measures volumes of various brain structures to guide treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis and other nervous system disorders.

The Bottom line:

American Health Imaging vs. Hospitals

At AHI, we offer the same high-quality MRI and CT scans as hospitals for up to 75% less. With options for same-day, next-day and weekend appointments, we also offer speed and convenience you won’t find at any hospital-owned facility. What’s more, your appointment will never be bumped up, pushed back or canceled to accommodate someone else’s emergency.

American Health Imaging vs. Other Outpatient Imaging Facilities

AHI is fully accredited by the American College of Radiology and the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission. These accreditations allow us to accept reimbursement from the vast majority of insurers, while most other outpatient providers rely on self-pay.

Each of our 24 conveniently located centers also features state-of-the-art imaging equipment – a vast improvement over the older-model machines used at most other outpatient facilities. Between high-field MRI, contrast studies and emerging technologies such as DTI brain MR and Accelerated Breast MRI, our in-house equipment ensures your doctor will get the clearest images and most accurate reports possible.

Finally, we pride ourselves on providing timely exams and a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. Many of our procedures last just 30 minutes or less, and our updated equipment, friendly staff and modern amenities will help you feel at ease.